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We prepare company profiles, market reviews and economic papers for a range of clients and are looking for sector-specialists and good analysts/consultants

How does it work?

As part of our work we often prepare in-depth reviews of companies, markets and pressing issues, and need sector-specialists to help.

As with all our work, these opportunities are home-based. We pay at a rate commensurate with the complexity of assignment, between $40 and $150 (€30 to €120) per hour, although we are willing to discuss alternative pay structures (e.g. fixed fee or commission-share).

What should I do next?
  • Review our FAQs to make sure home-based work is for you
  • Register and
  • Submit your details: the details you submit (either during the registration process or subsequently) are compared with our requirements, and if they match we will contact you to discuss next steps
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