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Information Specialists

Our Information Professionals/Specialists answer client questions using leading commercial sources such as Factiva, Dialog, Freedonia, Hoovers, OneSource and Alacra and various specialist databases

How does it work?

We deliver research services to a range of clients and need good and experienced information professionals to undertake this work, and sometimes manage small teams.

Like all our opportunities, this is home-based work, but home can be anywhere in the world!

Pay depends on the type of assignment - its length, complexity, urgency etc. Standard tasks are usually completed for a fixed payment, which translates to around $30-$40 (€22 to €30) an hour, but other tasks are paid on an hourly rate up to $80 (€60) per hour for complex tasks requiring specialist skills and knowledge.  

Your own access to commercial databases is an advantage, but we can make arrangements for those that do not have their own subscriptions.

To qualify, information specialists must pass a two-stage process:

  • the details you submit (either during the registration process or subsequently) are compared with our requirements, and if they match we invite you to the second stage
  • you complete some simulated assignments for review. If successful, we conduct an interview (often by phone) and may take up references

Please do not commit the time and effort needed to qualify unless you have at least 3 years of experience of working as an information professional with a top flight organization (consulting company, leading bank or Fortune 500 company etc).

What should I do next?
  • Review our FAQs to make sure home-based work is for you
  • Register and
  • Submit your details (you will need to log in to your account to do this)


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