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Other Skills

ClickNwork manages a wide range of assignments and often has diverse and pressing needs for different skills

What sort of skills?

Our requirements change as we take on different business functions and client assignments, and now often include:

  • Writers: we write reports, summarize legal cases, précis survey results, write on emerging social trends; for all these and other assignments we use a network of good business writers and journalists

  • Top-grade students, and especially those studying business-related subjects (accounting, economics, marketing etc): for large projects needing much 'leg work', phone interviews or shop audits, we draw on students, usually from top universities. Most of this work is completed remotely but could entail working at the client site and lead to employment opportunities

  • Translators: we undertake assignments from many countries and in many languages and often need language skills. We prefer translators that also bring other skills (such as analytical or research capabilities) but we also draw on the abilities of pure linguists when needed

  • Trend spotters and social observers: some of our work requires spotting trends around the world, capturing new and innovative products across a range of categories or providing commentary on interesting social phenomena. If this interests you or you feel you have something to say, please tell us

  • Mystery shoppers: to get a measure of customer service levels, and a view on the shopper's experience, we sometimes need mystery shoppers to visit stores/hotels/spas/restaurants etc. This work requires completing our detailed forms and we prefer individuals experienced with this work

  • Other: we sometimes get very unusual requests and need to quickly resource up to deliver unexpected services. If you have a general interest in home-working you may want to submit your details for us to review

How does it work?

While some of this work is regular, some is erratic and unpredictable - feast or famine. If you are interested in working on these or similar assignments, please submit your details. When we need people for particular tasks, we will check our database and contact those we believe are best suited for the work 

What should I do next?
  • Review our FAQs to make sure home-based work is for you
  • Register and
  • Submit your details: the details you submit (either during the registration process or subsequently) are compared with our requirements, and if they match we will contact you to discuss next steps
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