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Web Searchers

Organizations need access to good, up to date information, and as part of our research offerings we locate and collate relevant material from the Web. We need good home-based Web Searchers to help us

How does it work?

To do this work, Web Searchers first have to qualify by passing our online tests. Qualified searchers then have access to our workrooms where they can join a small virtual team of other qualified searchers to look for relevant information on a particular question.

When you find relevant information on the Web you submit details of the reference via our online team room for a reviewer to decide whether or not to accept it. We pay per accepted reference, paying more for highly relevant material.

We target an hourly rate equivalent to US$8-15 (€6-12); the best Web Searchers can often exceed these rates on some tasks, while those less efficient get less.

What should I do next?
  • Review our FAQs to make sure home-based work is for you
  • Register and
  • Submit your details, either during the registration process or after - but you will need to be logged in first
  • Take the multiple-choice test, which is the first stage of the test process. You will need to log in to access the test
  • If you pass the first stage of the test, you will have automatic access to the final stage of the test, which is a simulated task in which you work on a real question in a work room, but on your own
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