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We’ve tried to anticipate questions you might have about ClickNwork, but if your question is not answered here, just contact us. The list of questions is growing, so we have tried to order them under appropriate headings. Click on the question to find the answer:

Home-based working
Working at ClickNwork
Technical problems and troubleshooting


What is home-based working and home-sourcing?

Much as it sounds, home-based working entails people undertaking work from their home. It is a growing phenomenon with many corporations allowing established professionals to work from home at least occasionally. Many people want to remain active in their professional area while avoiding lengthy commutes, while corporations are keen to improve the quality of life for employees and reduce work-space requirements.

Home-sourcing takes this one stage further and recognizes that there is a vast, largely untapped pool of skilled and experienced talent around the world that wants to work but, for one reason or another, does not want to, or can't, work within a traditional corporate environment in cities. It allows companies to tap in to networks, such as ClickNwork, of experienced professionals that want to work from home on a freelance basis.


How does ClickNwork operate?

We work with companies to take on, completely or partially, business functions they currently perform in-house, but which can be delivered more efficiently and cost-effectively over the Web.

We have built relationships with service users, and invested in infrastructure and systems, to ensure that work gets done by people working from home throughout the world, smoothly and to high standards. 


Why should I register?

We only allocate work to people registered with ClickNwork. Once registered, you will have a user ID and password that will enable you to submit and change your personal details and allow you to take any tests towards qualifying for work. We never have and never will pass on your details. We do not subject you to anything other than essential email; even our newsletter, should you sign-up for it, goes out no more than twice a year.


How do I qualify?

This depends on the work you wish to do. Everybody that wants to work with ClickNwork must submit details of their skills and experience. We match these to our requirements and contact you if your details match our needs, and then invite you take a test that reflects the sort of work you would be doing. The exception to this is for people that wish to do Web Searcher work. They must also pass a two-stage online test.

Taking these tests does take time and we suggest you treat it as you would time spent in preparing and going to a job interview. Only this you can do all from your home!


What is a typical profile of a ClickNworker?

From the 50,000 or so registered ClickNworkers, it is hard to give a typical profile, but generally we find that ClickNwork suits people that:

  • are highly experienced and proficient in their field
  • have a driving reason to work from home (desire to be near their family, inability to commute, located overseas etc)
  • are independent, self-managing and resourceful

Within our network, we have writers, dancers, army officers, paralegals, current and former consultants and analysts, economists, MBA and PhD students, many retirees, people with debilitating illnesses as well as sport fanatics.

Our turnover is very low: many ClickNworkers have been with us for years and generally our teams are very stable. For much of our work there is no interaction between ClickNworkers, work is completed independently and anonymously.


What work does ClickNwork offer?

We work with clients to determine the internal processes that we can undertake for them more efficiently. As a result, there is no real limit to the sort of work we might be asked to do, provided it can be mediated online. We collect details from individuals about the sort of work they can and want to do from home, and then match our requirements to them to identify the most suitable people for the task. For more information on some of the types of work, look at the Opportunities part of the site.


How long must I work in a day?

That's entirely up to you. Once you have passed the tests you will have access to your own 'My ClickNwork' from where you can see all the unallocated tasks that are available for someone with your skills, and you are free to select any of the tasks shown. You can also elect to receive email notification of available work. Of course, where you are given regular assignments you will need to make available time to complete them.


How much work will there be?

We can't answer this with much precision. We basically have two streams of work, planned/regular and ad hoc. Most of our work is planned and runs to client schedules that typically require a set number of hours/days of work every week or month. If you are assigned to this sort of work, it is reliable and often leads to more work, should you want it. The amount of work could be just a few hours a week or full-time.

Ad hoc work by its nature is unknown and erratic, but we often need to quickly resource up for client assignments, especially in research and writing. ClickNworkers with regular work almost always start off completing ad hoc assignments.

For most skills we have a reserve list for and draw on this as required. While we work to keep the reserve lists as short as possible it does mean ClickNworkers usually qualify sometime (usually a few months) before being assigned work. However, sometimes we misjudge, clients change their minds or promised assignments do not materialize. At our worst, we have had qualified ClickNworkers on a reserve list for a long time only to discover they have obtained full-time positions by the time we get back to them. We do everything we can do avoid this and are disappointed when it does. It only happens due to factors beyond our control, but you should be aware of the possibility.


Is quality important?

Absolutely. And we are unforgiving about it. Our clients are exacting professionals, and we have to impose the same standards they do.

Performance is tracked on every task. For some assignments (such as Web Searcher work) you will receive automated feedback, for others it will be an email from a reviewer. If you meet our high standards you have nothing to worry about, but those unable to meet our standards will be removed from the qualified team. 


How do you judge quality?

Every task is graded by people within ClickNwork and by the ultimate arbiter - the client. Clients will not outsource important functions if quality is lacking and we need to attain standards at least as high. Requirements vary with the assignment, but always require accuracy, excellent and clear English, timeliness and appropriate formatting (we often work with client templates).


What affects the rate of pay?

The rate of pay mainly depends mainly on:

  • the assignment - roles requiring more skilled and experienced input obviously pay more
  • urgency - more pressing tasks pay more
  • quality - for example, the references Web Searchers find are rewarded on how well they answer the client's question


How do you pay me?

We prefer to make payments by PayPal. This is a fast, easy and cheap way of emailing money presently available in some 45 countries. Get details of the countries covered here.

If you have a bank account in the US, the UK or Australia you temporarily have the additional option of being paid:

  • directly into your bank account or
  • by check

In all cases, you initiate the process at the end of the month by sending us an electronic invoice. This is easy - we do all the numbers for you and at invoice time you go to your My ClickNwork and click the "My invoice" link on the left of the screen. This shows you the relevant details. You send this to us by clicking Submit. We collate these then pay them around 15 days after month closing (which is a lot quicker than we are typically paid!).

If the details are not correct, you can contact us and we will amend them. This is unlikely to happen; besides you can check the details each day as they are updated automatically.

Please remember that we can only pay you if you both tell us how you wish to be paid and give us the details we need to be able to do so: log in, select "My details" and choose the Payment Details link (the $ icon in the top right corner) and follow the instructions.


What about taxes?

We pay you a gross amount and do not deduct taxes of any sort. It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the payments you receive and to collect, report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority.


Can I refer friends?

If you know of people, friends or family, you think would be suited to this work, please tell them.


Can my friends use my username and password?

No. And if we discover this has happened your account will be revoked. Instead, get your friends to apply on their own merits.



Will ClickNwork soon be available in other countries?

The extent to which we can broaden our scope is determined by the extent to which Paypal ( widens its geographic coverage.


What software and hardware will I need?

Almost all of our work requires access to a good PC (and probably recent Mac) and the Microsoft Office suite of products, and ideally a broadband connection.


Are there long-term opportunities?

Yes. ClickNwork is largely managed by ClickNworkers that have proven skilled and capable at delivering quality work and managing the output of others. Over time, as our work grows, we encourage people to move into better paid supervisory roles.


How do the tests work?

The tests measure your aptitude and skills for the type of work you want to do, but first we need details of your experience and skills in order to match them to the task. If we identify you as a candidate for a particular type of work, we will contact you and invite you take a test, which we will email to you and you will complete at home and send back.

The only exception to this process is for people that want to do Web Searcher work. We will still need your details but the test comprises a two-stage process, all online. The first stage is a timed multiple choice quiz, where you have to find the answers by searching the Web in a short space of time. If you pass that, you have automatic access to the second stage, which is a simulated task


What is a CV/resume?

They are the same thing. It is called a resume in some parts of the world (e.g. the U.S.A) but a CV, or curriculum vitae, in other parts (e.g. the U.K.).


Why do you suspend the tests?

We periodically suspend the tests because:

  • we have a large backlog of tests to review
  • we have a reserve list of qualified people and we prefer to provide these people with work before asking others to take tests.


Troubleshooting common problems

As with other database driven sites, people sometimes encounter problems using our site. Most commonly this is a result of the browser that is being used, although you may also find problems from more specific causes. We have listed the most common issues together with their most usual causes and solution:

Problem Possible causes
When I try to register, nothing happens when I click “Submit”
I can’t log in


The site has been optimized for the Windows version of Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or later), which we strongly recommend that you use. It is generally fine with Mozilla Firefox, but you might encounter the odd gremlin.



Some pages require browsers enabled for Javascript. You may have disabled it as a security precaution or have an older browser that does not support it.

To enable Javascript in Internet Explorer: choose “Tools” from the main menu, then “Internet Options” and select the “Security” tab. If the browser is using default security settings, medium level security should be adequate for normal Internet usage, and for ClickNwork. For a more secure setting or a custom setting, you can turn Javascript on by clicking the Custom Level button and scroll down to the “Scripting” section. Within this, the “Active Scripting” needs to be set to either “enabled” or “prompt”. In older versions of Internet Explorer, “Internet Options” is within the Edit menu.



When you login, ClickNwork stores a cookie on your PC. This allows the page to recognize you and gives you access to the password-protected areas. If the page cannot see the cookie, you will be sent back to the login screen. If you are having problems logging in, it may be that you have cookies turned off in your browser. To turn them on:

Internet Explorer: choose “Tools” from the main menu, then “Internet Options” and select the “Security” tab. If the browser is using default security settings, medium level security should be adequate for normal Internet usage, and for ClickNwork. For a more secure setting or a custom setting, you can turn cookies on by clicking the Custom Level button and scroll down to the “Cookies” section. There are two types of cookie. For logging in, you will need to have “Allow per-session cookies (not stored)” turned on - set either to “enable” or “prompt”. You will also need “Allow cookies that are stored on your computer” checked for other features of ClickNwork.


What happens if I can't login because I have forgotten my username or password?

People sometimes fail to login because they have forgotten the username and/or password they used when they registered.

You should also remember that the password is case sensitive – make sure you don’t have “Caps Lock” switched on if your password is in lower case.


I timed during the multiple-choice quiz

This should no longer happen as the multiple-choice quizzes are now timed, so you have to react quickly.


I timed out during the second stage of the Web Searcher test

The Web Searcher test may time out after a period of activity. If this happens, follow these instructions to make sure you don't lose the details of the reference you are submitting:

  • log back in where indicated
  • backspace a couple of times to return to the page you left to log in. The details should still be there, and you can add the reference


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