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Work opportunities

Our work is varied and to deliver it we work with people from a wide range backgrounds and with very different skills. Below is a list of the types of people we use, together with an indication of our immediate needs.
Critical Needs

Last Updated: May 2011.

Skills requirements...

Our requirements keep evolving, and our immediate needs for new people will depend on the type of new work that we receive from clients, and so it's important to check back on here from time to time to see the current status. Even if we do not currently have work opportunities for you, you might still want to register and submit your details in advance.

Our typical range of work includes the following:

  • Analysts/consultants - we are always keen to identify people with specific analyst/consulting skills that wish to work from home. Even if we do not currently have relevant work, we are willing to work with good people to develop mutually-beneficial opportunities

  • Information professionals/specialists - note: this is a business research and not an IT role. We currently have a sufficient number of information specialists for our workload, but we would still like to hear from well-experienced researchers for when our workload expands

  • Web Searchers - this is our most popular type of work! Unfortunately, we have had to suspend the tests that enable people to qualify as we already have sufficient numbers of people to cover our current workload, and another group of qualified people on the reserve list. We will re-open the tests at some stage in the future, but we cannot at this juncture tell you when this will be

  • Writers - we are currently conducting the review of our latest round of tests for the new work we expect to start very soon. When new work becomes available we will reopen the application process for writers

  • Top-grade students, especially those studying for business degrees (accounting, economics, marketing etc) - our need for top students is a little erratic, as it tends to be based on one-off client projects rather than repeat work. However, we do keep an eye on new applicants to identify those that might be of immediate assistance

  • Translators - this too is currently a fairly erratic need, but we will note anyone with particularly strong skills

  • Trend spotters and social observers - we are working on a new service that we hope to launch within the next few weeks. We will be looking for intelligent and product-aware people around the world - and those that travel extensively would be particularly useful - to keep an eye on new trends and innovations in specific product or service categories. This might be from magazines, TV adverts, physical shopping trips etc. More details will be available soon.

  • Mystery shoppers - this is another relatively erratic need

(last updated January 14, 2007)

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