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How it works

ClickNwork manages a unique service that allows experienced and home-based professionals to deliver business services to companies worldwide, including some of the global leaders.

Please make sure that you read the Important Notes and The Process sections below to ensure that you fully understand what happens next.

A unique business model...
  • ClickNwork delivers a range of high quality business services using teams of experienced home-based individuals

  • All ClickNworkers must pass rigorous tests before being able to work with us, and we maintain exacting standards. All work is quality-checked and we exclude those that do not consistently meet the standards expected by our clients. Where training is required, we work with the client to prepare guidance/manuals and ask selected ClickNworkers to train and complete test assignments. This is often a competitive process. Chosen ClickNworkers are then used to deliver services to the client as needed

  • Much of our work is completed on a confidential basis (ClickNworkers do not know the client and clients do not know the individuals completing the work), which allows qualified ClickNworkers to work on assignments from a range of clients

  • Much the work is regular and part-time, but some is ad hoc. Usually, we allocate work to those that have been with us longest, but where we have a specific need, new-joiners with the right skills can start work immediately. ClickNworkers can work flexibly: they do not need to accept work that we offer; they can decline for whatever reason and this will not affect their chances of being offered more work

  • We have very low turnover within our team, which we view as a mark of success


Important notes:

    • we allow only those that have taken and passed our tests to undertake work

    • with the exception of the Web Searcher work, we will invite people to take the tests only as our work requirements evolve. We see no point in putting people through the test process until we know there will be new work available for those that pass

    • As new work comes in - much of our work is repeat/regular and completed by the same people/team each time - we will look in the database to identify those people that we believe would be best suited to the work, and then invite them to take the tests

    • We cannot guarantee that we will contact you within any given time frame, or indeed at all - we will only do so if your skills match our requirements, and only then if we consider your skills and experience to be more suitable than others

The process:

    • Please acquaint yourself with the way in which we work, and our opportunities

    • Register and submit your details (work preferences, resume etc) - you can submit your details during registration or at a later date

    • We will briefly review your details - we normally do this within about two weeks of you submitting them - but will not contact you unless we want you to take the tests

    • As our requirements change, we will contact those people that we feel are most suited to the new work, and invite them to take tests

    • If you are invited to take and tests and you pass, we will contact you to discuss the work

    Note: the only exception to this process at the moment is the Web Searcher work, where tests are usually open all the time for people to attempt qualification. However, they are sometimes suspended if we have more qualified people than we need in for forseeable future - please check our Opportunities page for the current status. We will also soon have a similarly open access test for trend spotters and social commentators. Please check the Opportunities page for the last update on that type of work

    If you have further questions, please see our FAQs


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