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(Joined 2004)

Dave is a highly experienced writer and undertakes a range of writing and editing work for ClickNwork. He is also starting to build and manage a team of writers...


Background and experience: I've had a varied career, including corporate and government public relations, daily newspapers, voluntary organization management, campaign management, arts festival management and farm worker. Highlights are reaching the position of news editor on a daily newspaper, co-owning and managing my own farm, and managing an information unit that included a radio station, video and film production unit, print publications and a news/feature service.

What matters to me: Spending time with family, working for socially responsible organizations, managing my own workload, balancing work and social life.

Why I joined: To reduce the burden of hunting down contracts as a freelancer, and to work with an organization that had well-established payment, supervision and feedback systems.


The work I do for them: I summarize articles for a range of newsletters and trend trackers.

How ClickNwork works for me: Most of my income now comes through ClickNwork, but I keep space in my schedule for other work. I'm generally reluctant to rely too much on any one organization, particularly if it's web-based, but my experience with ClickNwork has been all positive.

Input: I work about 10-15 hours a week for ClickNwork and would like to increase this to 20-25.

Benefits: ClickNwork pays above-average rates for the work I do in relation to the New Zealand market. I can also work my own hours, within deadlines set for the various Smoke Detectors I work on. I can also work wherever I can find a computer or can find space for my laptop.

Room for improvement?: About 65% of my workload for ClickNwork currently falls in the first two weeks of each month. I'd like to take on more in the second fortnight.

What's Next?: I'd like to keep working with ClickNwork, and take on more tasks and more responsibility. My primary technical skills are as an editor and in publication layout and design. I am also an experienced people and production manager.


I'm based in Rawene, New Zealand
The view from my home office
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