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Our work is varied and we work with people from a wide range backgrounds and skills. Although requirements fluctuate, we usually always need:

  • Analysts/consultants - people with specific analyst/consulting skills that wish to work from home.
  • Information professionals/specialists - business researchers with strong track records and proficiency at a range of information sources (Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Profound etc).
  • Writers/Editors - writers with experience at high quality business writing.
  • Web Searchers - individuals proficient at quickly finding information on the web to answer business questions.
  • Data entry specialists - individuals skilled at rapid and accurate data entry.
  • Shoppers, Trend spotters, Social observers - people keen to shop for certain products and adept at seeing trends, drawing parallels and generating valuable commercial insight.
  • Telephone interviewers - people skilled at interviewing senior business people, discussing business issues and surfacing opinion on often sensitive business questions.
  • Photographers - people able to take photos of buildings, inside stores and of products on shelves.
  • Translators - people qualified to translate between popular business languages


    (Last updated, May 6, 2011)

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