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As part of our research services, we need individuals who can quickly locate answers to business questions using information on the Web. We often require that findings are collated in summary documents.

  • All of our Web Searchers first have to pass rigorous tests. In addition to being able to precisely find information to answer complex business questions, Web Searchers must have good English.
  • Most assignments are ad hoc requests, but there are some regular projects that can be done part-time.
  • Pay ranges from US$5-11/hour.
  • When recruiting web searchers we prefer those that able to progress on to other types of work (data entry, chart preparation, writing etc).

Read about Obie who does some Web Searching work with us.

Interested? Please register and submit your information for us to review.

What happens next? We review your submission and decide on whether with have opportunities for you, in which case we will test you on certain types of work. Once accepted we will start to allocate work to you and if things proceed well the amount of work will grow.



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