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If you're interested to know more about how ClickNwork can help your staffing needs, we'd love to hear from you. With today's communication networks every company can benefit from outsourcing some services, capturing large financial savings, easing management burden and freeing employees so they can focus on higher value roles.

Unlike other outsourcing and offshoring vendors we do not require you to commit to a full time equivalent (FTE). We can work with you on very flexible terms, with no monthly minimum and no long term contracts. And we give you more choices about how you want your services completed. If you want the work completed overseas at the lowest possible cost, we can do that; if you want someone in your time zone available in your business day, that's fine too - we can also provide teams that provide blended options.

How it works

You can read a general description of how we work here, but the best thing is to talk to us. We will quickly be able to tell you if we can help, the likely savings you will make, issues you may face and so on.

The ClickNwork website is owned by Business360, a New York based corporation (established in 1999) which manages client contracts. If you want more details please contact Business360.

Whatever your requirements or concerns, we'd love to hear from you.


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