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ClickNwork manages a unique service that allows experienced home-based professionals to deliver business services to companies worldwide.

It works like this:

  • We partner with companies to see what work we can undertake for them. Most companies have somethings that can be done remotely (research, report preparation, data entry, writing, analysis...)
  • Jobs can be permanent, temporary, fulltime or part-time or ad hoc.
  • We select competent people to complete the work to a high standard, with candidates taking rigorous tests. We also take up references as part of our background check.
  • We quality check all our work. If ever individuals fail to meet standards we quickly replace them.
  • Clients may require people be in the same country or time-zone or seek lower-cost options.
  • We typically use ClickNwork's workflow system to manage assignments but can also access client servers through secure remote connections that allow us to complete work without data ever leaving the client's server. Some clients provide laptops to individuals to give them access to internal systems and to integrate them more seamlessly.
  • Companies value the cost savings we bring as well as the greater flexibility such as overnight processing and the ability to quickly scale capacity.

    A couple of examples:

  • We do a lot of work with Business360, providing the resource and workflow to help deliver its services. You can see some examples of the research services, and some analysis services we deliver for them.
  • We also provide a lot of the resource for the Business360 suite of newsletters that launched January 2011. The team includes 3 researchers and 5 writers who prepare industry-focused material for business professionals. We expect to double the team in coming months. At the moment the topics covered are the Food Business, and its newsletters, Health & Wellness, and its newsletters, Sustainable Business, and its newsletters, Innovation, and its newsletters, Personal Care, and its newsletters, Diet News, and its newsletters.

    If you want to join our network, please register and enter your details. If you're from a company and want to learn more about tapping this resource, please read more, or just contact us.


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