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Over the years we've worked with lots of people in many different ways. Here is a selection. Some have been with us from close to the start, others have just arrived; some are still with us, some have left; some are full-time, some are part-time; some use us as the sole source of income, for others we are just one of many clients. Read their own (unedited) comments to get a sense of how and why people work with us...

Harold (US):
"I undertake financial analysis and prepare reports"

Margareta (UK): "It fits well with looking after my boy"

Sheilah (Philippines): "I have started to manage a growing team for ClickNwork"

Dave (New Zealand):
"My experience with ClickNwork has been all positive"

Marion (Netherlands): "I used to do a lot with them but found a fulltime job"

Obie (Philippines): "I just started and get my work from a local manager"

Fiona (US):
"I work with them pretty much fulltime"

Anne (UK):
"ClickNwork helps me manage the peaks and troughs of my workflow"

John (US): "I'm a legal writer and appreciate the extra income"

Michele (UK):
"They were my first client!"

Phillipa (US): "I work as a consultant on marketing and brand assignments"

Ravi (India):
"I do data entry for them"

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