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(Joined 2007)

Harold is a highly experienced financial professional with nearly ten years of experience performing financial analysis for numerous institutional applications; his current area of focus is on emerging markets with an emphasis on debt securities. For ClickNwork he assists with a range of analytical and report writing roles...

Background and experience: Since earning my MBA at NYU I've worked in a variety of financial functions and geographic markets for large institutions including Citibank, BNP Paribas and CIBC as well as for smaller hedge funds and boutique investment banks. I've worked in trading-oriented and deal-oriented disciplines involving both debt and equity securities, including both public market and private transactions and covering a range of industrial sectors. Among these areas were US High Yield Debt out of New York, International Equities out of New York, European M&A out of Paris, Emerging Markets Equities out of Moscow and US Private Placements out of Dallas.

What matters to me: I want to have freedom to work at times that suit me at the same time as keeping a focus on those areas that interest me.

Why I joined: I have a number of clients, from investment banks, hedge funds and small companies. ClickNwork allows me to keep working with these while being able to earn money doing other work that draws on my skills, and at times that I control.


The work I do for them: I do financial analysis and help prepare a variety of reports. This includes financial analyses ranging from cash flow/valuation modeling to analysis of deal structure and return characteristics to geographic market updates.

How ClickNwork works for me: I have an assortment of projects that I work on - most are predictable, determined by the release of company earnings, and I work with some others at ClickNwork to prepare quarterly assessments and reviews of company performance. I can plan for the work, which helps.

Input: On average I work about 10 hours a week for ClickNwork and but during busy periods it can be close to full time.

Benefits: The big plus for me is the flexible work schedule, plus, I like keeping up to date with some of the companies I cover.

What's Next?: I see things continuing as they are - I could take on more work but not too much as I want to be able to work with my other clients.

I'm based in New York, US
The view from my home office
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