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Doing business over the internet remains tricky, especially in the field of home working where there are many scams and cons. Here are our promises:

  • We will never ask you to send us money or buy anything from us

  • We will not ask you to sell anything for us

  • We will review your resume/CV and supporting information and assess to the best of our abilities whether you fit opportunities we have

  • We will not force you to work for us (how could we?)

  • We will pay you for work you do for us

Against this, there are some things we can't promise:

  • We can't guarantee you any work. We have a better chance of securing work for those with more experience, but even for these cases, we can't be sure.

  • We can't get to all the feedback. We tackle major issues but get too much to tackle all of it - sorry.

  • Although we will review your details we can't promise to get back to you with our decision (we do for most people, but for many we don't - again, lack of time and the fact that requirements keep changing and a 'no' yesterday might be a 'yes' tomorrow)

Last, we are not a black box. ClickNwork is managed by a small team and if you need to talk us, let us know and we'll call you. There is someone around most times of the day.

Thank you.


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