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(Joined 2003)

Phillipa has over 15 years branding and marketing experience with top consumer goods companies in the US, the UK and Australia. For ClickNwork she overseas some marketing and trend spotting assignments as well as acts a consultant on some projects...


Background and experience: I have worked in a number of beverage brand and marketing management roles at Dr. Pepper 7-Up, Cadbury Beverages, Coca Cola Schweppes, DANONE and others. I have also set up my own company that provides marketing and event management advice.

What matters to me: My life centers around my children and they take up a lot of my time (and energy!), but I also like to work on interesting projects when I can fit them in.

Why I joined: I know some of the people behind ClickNwork and I liked the idea of flexible working.


The work I do for them: I've done a whole range of assignments over the years. Mostly I work on their brand and marketing projects, preparing research guidelines for studies and helping to pull together findings. I've also been involved in interviewing some brand and marketing professionals and have worked on some trend spotting assignments, which are really interesting. My last assignment centered on building a business plan for a new water beverage that has now been funded and is in the process of being launched in the US.  

How ClickNwork works for me: Someone from ClickNwork emails or calls when they have a project that suits me and if I have time I get involved. Usually there is a lead time before the work comes in but sometimes it requires immediate attention. If I can't spare the time then I just give it a pass, it's pretty simple.

Input: I don't have much time to spare these days so I really can't give more than a few hours a week, but I find the work comes in waves. There might be nothing for a while and then there's a number of projects for a week or two.

Benefits: Flexibility is the main benefit for me, along with the fact that I don't have to sell the work or worry about staffing the projects. My involvement is largely on my terms, and that's a welcome change from other consulting assignments I get.

What's Next?: I don't see things changing in the foreseeable future. Perhaps as my time frees up I will do more assignments, but that is a good few years away!

I'm based in New York, US
The view from my home office
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