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(Joined 2007)

Obie only recently joined ClickNwork as part of Sheilah's team in the Philippines. She now undertakes a range of tasks, including searching the web, transcribing conference calls, data entry and preparing charts...

Background and experience: I have over 10 years experience as a Secretary and has been an entrepreneur for 10 years now. Other than managing our small business, I am into general transcription, graphic design, and web research.

What matters to me: Spending more time with my family and helping out in our small business, plus the opportunity to visit my ailing parents as often as I want are very important to me.

Why I joined: What we make from our small business is just enough for our daily needs. I wanted to earn extra income to save for the "rainy days". A very good friend, Ms. Sheilah introduced me to ClickNWork and I knew that this is what I have long been looking for - a legitimate work-at-home job, stable income, flexible work hours and topnotch bosses.


The work I do for them: Since I am a fairly new ClickNWorker, most of the work I do involves researching on the Internet, commercial databases and company websites. I also do some client-specific tasks like audio transcription and PowerPoint Presentation, among others.

How ClickNwork works for me: ClickNwork provides the flexibility I need to work around my son's schedule, helping in our small business, and more than enough compensation to pay for additional expenditures around the house.

Input: This varies, and depends on other client commitments, but it's usually an average of a day a week, but it has sometimes been as much as 4 days a week.

Benefits: ClickNWork compensates me for the time and quality of my work. The rates that they give to me is way much higher than the salary I got when I was a fulltime employee, yet I work less hours. With them, I was able to enhance my computer and research skills. I am also learning a lot of new things, and am able to work on my own terms.

Room for improvement?: I hope to be able to take the Web Searcher Test soon, so that I can work on tasks other than just those assigned to me.

What's Next?: I plan to be a dedicated, full-time ClickNWorker forever.


I'm based in Cabanatuan City, Philippines
The view from my home office
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