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(Joined 2007)

Ravi joined ClickNwork about a year ago and has focused on data entry assignments. He works in his father's company and works with ClickNwork in his spare time...

Background and experience: My father has a textile business and for about 8 years I've helped out with that, mainly with accounts but on other areas too. I like the Web and spend a lot of time on the internet.

What matters to me:  I like spending time on the Web and also earning money. I'm trying to save and like to earn money in my spare time.

Why I joined: I read something about ClickNwork and signed up. I want to be able to earn money in my spare time and it's better if I can do it from home or from our office.


The work I do for them: The work I've done is data entry. I get sent some scanned files and have to put the data into a spreadsheet. It's not very hard but you have to be accurate.

How ClickNwork works for me: I can do the work in the evening or over the weekend.

Input: Sometimes I get a lot of files and I have to work long hours but mostly it's a 3-4 hours a day and more at the weekend.

Benefits: I get good rates for the work, more than I can get from other work here.

What's Next?: I want to do this work for a while and then try other work. Data entry is ok but I want to do other things.


I'm based in Cabanatuan City, Philippines
The view near my home office
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