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(Joined 2002)

Sheilah started with ClickNwork as a Web searcher but now undertakes a range of tasks, including running a growing team based in the Philippines...


Background and experience: I'm a CPA with over 10 years experience as an auditor in the private and government sectors. I'm currently a web searcher for ClickNwork and an accountant in my family's small financing company.

What matters to me: I love to keep busy yet still have time for my family.

Why I joined: I was at the point in my life where I wanted to do something different when I came across ClickNwork. I got interested in the work-at-home opportunities they were offering, signed up immediately, and took the tests, which I was fortunate enough to have passed. It's been five years since then and I'm still having fun learning new things.


The work I do for them: Most of my work involves searching the Web for market and company information. I also work on a couple of projects on a monthly basis but most of the time, the amount of work I receive is pretty erratic.

How ClickNwork works for me: Most of the tasks can be completed in 3-4 hours which leaves me plenty of time to spend with my family or on our business.

Input: It depends, really, on how much work there is and on my availability, although I usually work for ClickNwork 3 days a week to as much as 7 days a week.

Benefits: Aside from being able to work from home, getting paid in dollars is a big advantage. With ClickNwork, I also earn about 3x more than what I previously made when I was still an employee.

Room for improvement?: More work-at-home opportunities for more people.

What's Next?: I have recently been given the chance to manage my own team to assist me with larger projects. And although I already have a few people working with me, I hope to increase the number of competent and dedicated people in my team in the very near future.


I'm based in Cabanatuan City, Philippines
The view from my home office
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