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(Joined 2005)

John is a member of the Missouri and New York state bars and a proficient legal writer. For ClickNwork he prepares accurate and succinct precis of articles and legal cases for newsletters and issue tracking services...


Background and experience: I have over 20 years experience in legal information publishing, in both commercial and governmental settings. I have a Juris Doctor degree, and I am a member of the Missouri and New York state bars in the USA.

What matters to me: I commute to my primary job in Washington, DC, and I am away from home and family more than 12 hours each work day. It is very beneficial that with ClickNwork, I can pursue a secondary income during off-hours at home.

Why I joined: ClickNwork offered me the opportunity to obtain secondary income, in my area of expertise (legal analysis and writing), in a home-based setting.


The work I do for them: Most of my work with ClickNwork involves summarizing articles from online news sources that deal with legal developments in the intellectual property field for one particular client. I receive regular assignments of such articles every week except one week per month. In addition, I sometimes receive special assignments for other clients.

How ClickNwork works for me: I have been able to depend on receiving assignments from ClickNwork on a regular basis. The assignments are sometimes challenging and deadline-driven, and I have derived professional satisfaction from meeting the challenges and continuing to hone my writing and analysis skills.

Input: I remain in fairly constant communication with assignment managers, and they are able to give good information on the expected workflow.

Benefits: The compensation is reasonable. For the most part, I have been offered a volume of work that fits well with the time that I am able to devote to it while keeping other aspects of my life in balance. There is no pressure to take work that I cannot complete for a particular assignment. I have been pleased with the care and concern that my managers have shown where family circumstances have arisen that posed a potential impact on my availability for work.

Room for improvement?: I am hoping to be able to provide more useful information for ClickNwork clients based on my knowledge of legal subject matter, such as references to primary law sources. I would also like more opportunities to summarize judicial and administrative decisions.

What's Next?: I hope to continue my relationship with ClickNwork indefinitely. I would be hard-pressed to find a better solution for my desire for professional, part-time home-based work.



I'm based in Stafford, Virginia, USA
The view from my home office
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