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We provide trend spotting services to companies, visiting stores and markets to see what's new and to assess what consumers think. We also prepare reports on how select consumer markets are evolving.

  • Some assignments are one-off projects but some work requires regular visits to stores to track products, shelf layout and other metrics.
  • Most of this work takes place in the US and Europe, but we also undertake global investigations that cover hundreds of locations around the world.
  • We need people experienced in trend spotting (brand and market evolution and innovation specialists) that can write clearly about it, bringing together findings from our researchers around the world.
  • We also have a need for people that can visit stores and malls regularly.
Interested? Please register and submit your information for us to review.

What happens next? We review your submission and decide on whether with have opportunities for you, in which case we will test you on certain types of work. Once accepted we will start to allocate work to you and if things proceed well the work volume will grow.


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