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ClickNwork offers a wide range of services that require experienced business writers. These include regular newsletters, periodic briefs on business issues, editing and document preparation.

  • Our writers work across many sectors and functions, preparing items on business news as well as specialized areas such as summaries of legal cases and medical news.
  • Most writing assignments are regular, requiring part-time input each week, but we also occasionally have ad hoc requests.
  • We look for writers and editors that have a track record at established media companies, research organizations or other high quality corporations.
  • Pay depends on the type of assignment and its complexity, but ranges from US$4-$40 an hour.

Read how a couple of our writers, Dave and John, work with us.

We currently need good writers for our newsletter sites that are growing rapidly. At the moment (January 2011) we have six active sites each of which has a number of newsletters and our writers daily prepare summaries that are sent to a range of clients to help keep them up to date with important business developments.

If you think you'd like this work let us know (use the contact facility at one of the newsletter sites). And, in full disclosure, we are very cost-conscious about this work and will not consider any applicants over $10/hour and expect the rate to be below $5/hour. If you wish to apply please include your target rate. You can see the sites and also archives of some of the newsletters here:

If you're interested in opportunities beyond these newsletters, please register and submit your information for us to review.

What happens next? We review your submission and decide on whether we have opportunities for you, in which case we will test you on certain types of work. Once accepted we will start to allocate work to you and if things proceed well the volume of work will grow.


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